The following are what makes the Shimano FXC 2 Piece Casting Rod one of the best Baitcasting Rod for the money​ Multi-purpose casting rod for all fishing situations and skill levels Very strong and durable, and can withstand many cases of abuse This results in a higher hooking percentage. "If I cast only with my right hand, it takes me twice as long to fish a boat dock as when I cast with my right and left hands," says Fears. When Fears must alternate between long casts to isolated objects and short casts to cover, he often calls upon a 6-foot, 8-inch pitchin' rod to perform double duty. While it feels and resembles a lighter activity pole, however, it holds up and performs like a heavier one. But Fears has recently switched to Abu's new low profile Törno reels, which feature the free-flowing InfiniSpool. Stay away from cover when learning this cast, because your initial attempts are likely to be well off-target. His favorite color combination for dirty water is a fluorescent orange lead blade ahead of a gold main blade, and a chartreuse head dressed with a white, chartreuse and yellow skirt. He was fishing a chocolate-colored backwater where the bass were backed up tight to shallow wood along the bank. Ken Elliot with a solid flathead on the long baitcast gear. Knowing which rods will suit specific areas will go a long way into achieving length and accuracy of casts that will translate into more fish. "I'll cast a spinnerbait, topwater bait or crankbait into cover where bass hardly ever see these types of baits. Starting at the shorter end of the scale are your 5’-5’6” baitcast overhead rods. While an extra 5” may not seem a lot, it can actually have a huge effect on all aspects of fishing. When chasing fish like jacks in tight cramped conditions having a short rod under 6’ is essential. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod 3. His scalpel is a 5-foot, 10-inch stick made by Quarrow Rods of Broken Arrow, Okla. The line of 23 rods includes everything from light spinning to flipping styles. "The bait had to be dead-on target," says Fears. The rod brakes into half and comes into two interchangeable tips. When the rod tip sweeps forward at the bottom of the revolution, ease thumb pressure on the spool, and the lure sails just above the water, straight away from the angler. The line of 23 rods includes everything from light spinning to flipping styles. The baitcasting rod, also known as a casting rod, is a fishing rod that is optimized to cast the line and bait with a baitcasting reel. These World Class MHX Rod Kits are based on state of the art blanks, Super Grade cork handles, high quality reel seats, and perfectly matched CRB Elite casting guides with matching tip tops. Shop casting rods for freshwater & saltwater fishing & trigger fishing rods at Bass Pro Shops. When choosing an overhead baitcasting rod most anglers look for brand, line class, weight and construction material and, while all these contribute to the enhancing fishing capability, one of the most important variables to consider is length. If anglers find this is happening on a common occurrence than it’s a good idea to consider finding a rod a couple of inches longer to help stem the directness of the fight. 10 Best Spinning Rods – Complete Buyer’s Guide for buying the spinning rod Best Baitcasting Rod in 2020 [Buyr’s guide] for buying best baitcasting rods Best Fly Fishing Rods – Reviews And Comparisons-2020 from Top Brands Quarrow offers the rod in two powers — No. The longer rod allowed for those long casts that meant we didn’t spook the fish. (3) 3 product ratings - 2 Shakespeare Tiger Spinning Rods 7’ Fresh/Saltwater Catfish/Trolling Med BLUE The author and Ken Elliot with a cracking jack taken from relatively open country, which really suited the Daiwa 601 black label rods. Fish species like queenfish, trevally and even croc-sized flatties are great to target on overheads as well. The extra length in the rod really opens overhead fishing and begins to share some of the key features that anglers enjoy from spin gear. The benefits of a baitcasting setup all come from the reel. Fears refers to the surgery he performs with a short rod as "finesse baitcasting." The wrist roll excels for getting baits under overhanging limbs and through narrow openings, and you rarely find yourself fencing with limbs, as you often do when working close to brushy cover with a longer stick. 19 Quarrow's 5-foot, 10-inch pistol-grip rod, which Fears believes to be the perfect length, has a thicker grip than that on similar rods. "It's hard not to overpower a popper with a long trigger stick.