protocol 80, Inc.15 North Kendall Ave.Bradford, PA 16701Call us: 814-596-0020, 6 Pre-Trade Show Email Templates You Should Be Sending, This is a great way to spread out and organize all of the important info you want your contacts to know, while making sure you’re not hitting them too frequently or with too much content repetition. Then you’ve lost them as a contact. Ideally, you’ll offer a prize of some kind, with eligibility open to people who visit your booth, or perhaps only to people who book an appointment, if the item is particularly high-value. Pro Tip: If you segment a list to only include past show contacts, be sure to exclude them from other applicable pre-trade show emails where the content may overlap. Simply copy and paste these samples when the time comes (with a little personalization, of course) and watch your prospects flock to your booth! For instance, one group might comprise people with a specific job title, or people who work in a specific department in their company. After all, it’s only